Dionaea Muscipula

Of course, everyone knows the most popular carnivorous plant of all...the Venus Flytrap!  It tickles me to see little children sticking their little fingers into these fascinating snap traps just to watch them close shut.  But, don't let temptation pull you into tripping these traps too often, these hungry little mouths have to eat!!!  The traps on the Venus Flytrap contain tiny hairs that act like triggers to close the trap.  However, these little traps are smart... the hairs have to be touched more than once in a relatively small period of time before they will close.  This keeps the traps from closing when raindrops or wind hits the leaves.  Each time the trap closes, it uses valuable energy that the plant needs for survival.  That's why there needs to be food in the trap when it shuts.  So keep those fingers out!!!